Gay Marriage Ban

by Rachel Andrews.

(With apologies to Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham)

I am George , George I am.
I do so want gay marriage banned.

I'm the Prez, just like my dad.
I say these gays must all be bad.

I do not like these gays you see
for they are not at all like me.

They march at Pride, they wave their flags
I think they're all a bunch of f**s.

They want to love, they want to marry
A Beth and Sue, a Steve and Larry!

They say they want to get a spouse
To live together in a house.

I will not let them buy a house,
I will not let them get a spouse.

I will not let them get this right
I will go on to fight this fight.

We will prevail, for in the end
The constitution we'll amend.

I made this pledge in the debates
For those that live in the red states.

I watch the news all day on Fox
The talking heads, there in the box.

They all agree with me you see
All the Moral Majority.

Now that I have won election
My aim is clear with no deflection.

I will not let them have their fun
So let it be written! So let it be done!

I will not let them get a spouse
Not in the senate not in the house.

Not back in Texas not in DC
I must protect morality.

Not in the east not in the west
I am the guy who knows the best.

They will not wed in Delaware
They will not get wed anywhere.

Nowhere will they have a right to marry
Not even the state of that guy Kerry.

Copyright (c) 2004 by Rachel Andrews.