Mary Ann Horton, Ph.D.

Major Lifetime Accomplishments

With emphasis on Architectural and Design work.

Technical Accomplishments

Earned Ph.D. in Computer Science, Berkeley, 1981

Developed parts of the Berkeley UNIX system, 1978-1981

Led Internet Newsgroups (aka Usenet, Netnews), 1980-1987

Led ARPA/UUCP e-mail connectivity with 1980-1987

Network Architect and Software Developer, 1983-1987

Founded and led UUCP Mapping Project, 1984-1988

Designed and built the first Firewalls for AT&T, 1987-1992

Wrote a widely used UNIX/C reference book, 1990

Designed and implemented UNIX E-mail system, 1992-2000

Senior Manager. Avaya Corporate E-mail and Directory, 2000-2001

Diversity and Advocacy Accomplishments

Transgender Non-Discrimination Advocate, 1997-2001

Transgender Health Benefits Advocate, 2000-2005

Trailblazer Award Winner, Out & Equal Workplace Associates, 2001

Academic Researcher, 2001-2005

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