Mary Ann Horton, Ph.D.

80 Kennebec Pl E,

Westerville, OH 43081

  (614) 865-3554


·         High performer with strong technical, leadership and business skills and experience with UNIX, Linux, Windows, Internet, networking, and messaging systems.

·         Demonstrated ability to take new ideas, carry them through to a real service or product, design and deploy a self-sufficient production process.

·         Successful record of leading projects for Chase, Bank One, AT&T, Lucent, Avaya.  Highlights are:

o        Managed spin-off of Avaya from Lucent, Win2K/Exchange/Network service separation.

o        Led spin-off of Lucent from AT&T, UNIX/Network Separation.

o        Created first internally supported UNIX e-mail package and service

o        Designed and deployed first secure Internet firewall.

o        Deployed first domain and UNIX e-mail/netnews secure gateway

·         Internet pioneer in early 1980s, leading Usenet growth on thousands of UNIX servers.  Registered .com domains for "have-not" organizations. Led UUCP Zone, a team of 50 volunteers mapping the UUCP net for UNIX e-mail routing. 

·         Developed and supported parts of Berkeley UNIX, including vi, curses, terminfo and termcap.


Vice President, Distributed Computing Engineer Lead, JPMorganChase, 5/2007-present

·         Led projects and initiatives as required by the business.

Vice President, Distributed Computing Engineer Sr II, JPMorganChase, 10/2006-4/2007

·         Led complex Enterprise initiatives, including inventory system deployment, cost reduction, process design.

·         My job focused on the Business side of the organization.

·         By writing custom scripts and using data mining techniques, identified key areas requiring attention.

Vice President, Distributed Computing Engineer Sr I, JPMorganChase, 2004-2006

·         My job emphasized architecture, design and Enterprise initiative work.

·         Translated business requirements into system architecture for parallel complex projects.

·         Documented technical and business processes for reference and use by junior team members.

·         Lead team of 7 UNIX engineers through M&A process until our leadership structure was in place.

·         Designed new processes including account creation and driver configuration.

Vice President, Open Systems Engineer Sr I, Bank One Enterprise Midrange, 2004

·         Designed and built UNIX servers for production use in mission critical projects.

·         Served as lead engineer for multiple complex projects in parallel.

AVP, Open Systems Engineer II, Bank One Enterprise Midrange, 2002-2003

·         Built UNIX servers for production in Tier III system administration team.

·         Designed new processes including account creation and driver configuration.

·         Trained staff on advanced use of vi text editor.

Principal Consultant, Red Ace Consulting Services, 2001-present.

·         Information Technology Consulting, Web Design, Web Hosting.

·         Information Technology Certification Training, Certified Internet Webmaster curriculum.

·         Designed and conducted Diversity training.

Technical Manager / Senior Manager. Avaya Corporate E-mail and Directory, End User Services, Avaya IT.     2000-2001

·         Led 7 Avaya and 25 IBM associates delivering Exchange 2000 , Windows 2000 Active Directory, POST corporate relational database, and firewall services for 40,000 Avaya associates.

·         Separated Avaya's e-mail service, e-mail backbone, NT domains, and corporate directory database from Lucent's on time, in the face of an aggressive deadline.

·         Led project integrating 6000 M&A e-mail users into Avaya Corporate E-mail.

·         Engineered Domain Controller and Exchange server solution to minimize cost over Avaya’s worldwide WAN/LAN and Internet connections.  Engineered e-mail backbone and messaging Internet firewall for reliability, security, functionality and performance..

·         Saved $648,000/year operational costs by reducing server count using EMC technology.

·         Saved over $1,000,000 by deploying Exchange 2000 immediately rather than upgrading later.

·         Reduced backbone costs by consolodating 19 Lucent UNIX e-mail relay hosts and POST database servers onto five UNIX servers for Avaya.

Lead Service Engineer, Electronic Messaging Solutions, Lucent Technologies CIO, (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories,)  1992-2000.

·         Planned and provided technical leadership of Lucent UNIX-based e-mail service serving 30,000 users.

·         Led team of 19 technical staff in three states, spinning off over 150,000 Lucent associates from the Internet domain name to as part of AT&T's trivestiture. Coordinated eight network and UNIX-based sub projects over a three month period.

·         Integrated several established e-mail components to create a fully functional UNIX-based e-mail system costing 75% less than industry norms.  Designed and coded custom software (in C and shell) to integrate AT&T POST directory with e-mail delivery, message reformatting, and attachment format translation, packaging the result into an internally supported software product for UNIX mail servers.

·         Reduced costs for Lucent Technologies by $2.5 million per year by migrating AT&T Mail connection from UUCP to SMTP.

·         Designed and implemented UNIX relay host billing software, recovering about $4 million annually from internal customers.

Lead Service Engineer, Gateway (Firewall)  Team, AT&T Bell Laboratories. 1987-1992.

·         Created, planned, installed, migrated, and operated the first AT&T Internet Firewall/Gateway. Firewall and Netnews services on UNIX servers, with an emphasis on security.

·         Led team of five technical staff, completing tight Internet firewall deployment schedule on time.

·         Registered as the first UUCP domain, permitting email delivery to, and later

Managing Director (volunteer,) The UUCP Project, 1984-1988.

·         Founded and led the UUCP (UNIX to UNIX CoPy) Mapping Project team of about 50 volunteers.

·         Designed process to gather UUCP map data, publish the data to Usenet, and use the published map data to route email.

·         Brought Internet .com and .edu domain e-mail service to over 150 organizations with UNIX servers unable to connect directly to the Internet.

·         Partnered with CSNET, BITNET, and ARPANET management organizations to share domain space in the 6 major top level domains, which later became the ICANN registry.

·         Published UUCP map enabling over 10,000 sites to route e-mail.

·         Wrote Internet standard RFC 976 (Internet e-mail over UUCP transport.)

·         Implemented Stargate software for Netnews by satellite service.

Member of Technical Staff, Network Development. AT&T Bell Laboratories, MIS  1983-1987.

·         Network architect and software developer for AT&T CareComm Patient Information Network, based on OSI X.409 and X.410 protocols.

·         Designed, developed, tested, optimized, and documented software library to implement remote procedure call using name/value pairs on UNIX systems in C.

Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Exploratory Software Group, 1981-1983.

·         Developed Berkeley UNIX tools including vi, termcap and terminfo, and curses.

·         Ported Berkeley tools to UNIX System V, major software enhancements to terminfo and curses.

·         Convinced AT&T UNIX System V group to adopt the Berkeley tools, assisted with the integration.

Leader and Champion (volunteer,) Internet Newsgroups (aka Usenet, Netnews), 1980-1987.

·         Managed the growth of Usenet from 10 sites to over 5000 by 1985.

·         Designed Usenet Backbone, recruited and led the “Backbone Cabal” of key Usenet site administrators.

·         Created moderated newsgroups.  Posted oldest and 3rd oldest Usenet posting in Google archive.

·         Led B news software implementation.

·         Wrote Internet standard RFC 850 (Netnews exchange format.)

·         Led ARPA/UUCP e-mail connectivity with successive architectural improvements, including “!%@” email addressing, user@host.UUCP, and eventually user@domain.

·         Wrote “What is a Domain,” the document still cited to champion Internet domains.

Computer Systems Research Group, University of California, Berkeley.

·         Developed parts of the Berkeley UNIX system, the forerunner of Sun Microsystems UNIX system.

·         Co-author with Bill Joy of UNIX text editor vi and termcap tools. Developed tools w, checknr, leave, sysline, script, ul, and fed. Added load averages, ps –u option.  Improved the quality of the Berkeley font library. 

·         Taught Introductory Programming classes in PL/1, FORTRAN, Pascal.


·         Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE.)

·         Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA.)

·         Certified Internet Webmaster, CIW Certified Instructor, Master CIW Designer, Master CIW Web Manager, CIW Professional, CIW Associate.

·         Lucent Information Technology Leadership Development Program (IT LDP) Babson College.  (Program is similar to an accelerated MBA.)

·         Ph.D. in Computer Science, minors: Business Management, Artificial Intelligence. Univ. of California, Berkeley.  Advisor: Susan L Graham.  Thesis title: Design of a Multi-Language Editor with Static Error Detection Capabilities.

·         M.S. in Computer Sciences. University of Wisconsin, Madison.

·         B.S. in Computer Science.  University of Southern California.


·                     Book, “Portable C Software,” Prentice Hall.

·                     Book, “The vi User's Handbook,” Prentice Hall.

·                      IETF Internet standard RFC 976, “UUCP Mail Interchange Format Standard”

·                     “What is a Domain?” USENIX Conference Proceedings, June 1984

·                      IETF Internet standard RFCs 850, and 1036, “Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages.”

·                     “Design of a Multi-Language Editor with Static Error Detection Capabilities”, Ph.D. Dissertation.


Techniques: Architecture, Process Design, System Analysis, Data Mining, Web Analysis, M&A, Spin-off.

Applications: Veritas, Exchange 2000, Active Directory, Netscape, sendmail, Internet mail, LDAP, News.

Languages: HTML, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, UNIX shell, awk, yacc/lex, Pascal, PL/1, BASIC, VBA, etc.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, Linux, MS Windows. 





·         Conducted rigorous academic study to determine the cost of transgender health benefits for employers who may choose to include them in their benefit plans, 2001-2005.  Paper submitted for publication to International Journal of Transgenderism and presented at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates conference in 2004.

·         Trailblazer Award from Out & Equal Workplace Associates, Oct 2001. This National award is given to the person who has made the most significant contribution to advancing LGBT workplace equity.

·         National Vice President of EQUAL!, Avaya's and Lucent's employee resource group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered employees, 1999-2001.

·         Started the process of covering Transgender Health Benefits (THBs) in corporate health benefits policies by successfully championing for THBs for Lucent employees. This resulted in full coverage of medically necessary transsexual surgeries, medications, counseling, and physician care.

·         Designed and launched class "Understanding Transgendered Workers", a TG-101 class at Lucent in Columbus. Coordinated Transgender content and participation. 

·         AA/EO Recognition Award from Lucent Technologies in Columbus, Ohio, December 1999.

·         Started the process of including “Gender Identity” in corporate Equal Opportunity policies by successfully championing for this policy being first implemented in Lucent, December 1997.

·         Set up, ran, and donated use of and, providing web hosting and e-mail services for the transgender community.

·         National Organization for Women (NOW) Columbus Chapter Vice President, 1999-2001.  Columbus NOW Treasurer 2001-present. Advocated for women's rights.

·         Transgender at Work project Chair, 1998-present.  Educated and assisted companies on transgender issues and EO policy.

·         It's Time, Ohio! founding member (1997) and Chair (1998-1999.)  Educated and advocated for civil rights for transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay residents of Ohio.  Board member of national organization It's Time, America! 1999-present.